Cowhide Rug Bordo Spot Puzzle


You can create your own custom size for just: 200 Euro per square meter!!!

The ByLazaros fur rugs are exclusively hand made by us.

Our specialization and experience in fur gives the result of exceptional quality fur rugs.
The manufacturing process of each rug begins
with the choice of the best quality fur  the next step is the precise and careful cutting in fur skins (only beautiful area is used).The final step is assembling the article and this is the most complex and time consuming. Experienced craftspeople carefully fit all the parts together by hand and work with the
specific sewing fur machines to ensure the final piece is perfect.
All this process offering high quality, high durability,perfect finishing and great natural shine.
Our fur rugs are unique, no two are the same so you can be sure that your rug will stand out from the crowd.
please note : we deliver to the carrier from  1 - 3 weeks

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